Quality Control and inspection as per AQL

Our Quality Control Managers are responsible for overall quality control systems and procedures. They all possess good knowledge of manufacturing, inspection processes and audits to maintain high quality standards.

They inspect the fabric prior to the fabric reaching the cutting tables. Than, a cutting room staff inspects with random examination of cutting operations.  Any defective work discovered by the staff is immediately corrected.

The system for evaluating the fabric used is the Four-Point System. In this system, we inspect at least 20 percent of the total products in the shipment.

We apply "in-process quality control" which controls steps that take place through the process of garment production. This is also often referenced as "inline" inspections as opposed to simply doing audits after the completion of production.

The primary purpose of the in-process auditing is to identify problems as early as possible. A problem may be caused by the operator, the machine or other factors. We make sure to deliver our garments on time to your customers. A good in-process control, helps us to assure that the final audit runs smoothly and allows for timely delivery.

Example; An order of 10,500 units; When using General Inspection Level II, the factory looks at the chart where this quantity order is equal to "M". Then we look to the first chart which shows that for "M" we should inspect 315 garments. For a 2.5 AQL there can be 14 defective units or less from the 315 that we inspect. If there are 15 defective units or more the order is rejected.

We also carry out inline audits with our customers. This helps us to find specific problems in production and continuously improve our process. It is far more effective to correct the problem at the operator level, then after the garment is completely assembled, pressed, packed and prepared for shipping. Being able to deliver the merchandise on time is important for us and for our customers.

We believe that it is beneficial for our company and our customers to maintain high quality standards. Our 40 years of expertise allows our company to gain respect of our suppliers for shipping only high quality garments.

Acceptable Quality Levels

Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection and use of AQL Chart