Better quality, flexibility, design & innovation

We are a Turkish textile manufacturing company, with an exciting 40 years of manufacturing experience gained by continuous development and close relationship with our customers.

We became a significant supplier for major international brands. Our commitment to technical advancement, quality, innovation and innovation continue to influence our values.

Erse is ideally positioned to serve different apparel sectors internationally to a modern fast paced market. Operating from our base in Istanbul, we offer proven expertise across womenswear, menswear & childrenswear.

We have an expert technologist team to ensure that we meet your specific requirements. We have an in house design team optimizing each stage of product design process. Our creative team, offers excellent product design based on creative brief or a full technical pack depending on your requirements. Our designers with extensive industry knowledge and market information constantly carry out research on the latest trends.

Erse’s innovative and successful work experience, continue offering superior product quality and excellence of service to a large client base of high street fashion retailers. 

Our advantages;

 Delivery performance – accurate and timely deliveries

 Quality Performance – delivering goods that are representative of the production sample


 Design capability – in house design 

 Availability of key personnel


Our values

Changing market demands and the positive developments in the Turkish textile industry allowed us consistently evolve to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our mission is to serve our customers with best supply solutions with a strong commitment to social compliance while delivering innovation and value with superior standards of service.       

Social Compliance and Ethical Standards

In Erse we aim to achieve highest standards in Social, Ethical and Health & Safety Compliance. We make sure that third party factories also follow these standards. We carry on audits individually and with our customers.

We make sure all these factories maintain an Equal Opportunity policy and safe and healthy working conditions.  In every part of our business, we are actively aiming to reduce our impact on the environment by adopting cleaner production approaches.

A list of different environmental applications;

 Basic management precautions

 Energy efficiency

 Technnological improbvements

. Modifications in production processes to increase process efficiency

. Equipment changes

. Changes in product and design

. Raw materials and chemicals replaced by environmentally friendly ones.

. Control of raw material to minimize losses