Technical development, planning, experience & fast response

Erse proudly offers great project assistance in every part of the supply chain. We dynamically respond dynamically to source new fabrics, design, a bespoke solution or logistic solutions to our customers.

We find most reliable third party facilities, fabric and accessory suppliers and carefully manage them to achieve the most cost effective and get the optimum outcome.

We support our customers at every step of the process to deliver excellent service. 

1. Product Design

Our product design teams are famous for creating creations suitable our customers’ brand identity and pricing requirements. Our in house team has extensive industry knowledge and market information.

They identify trends working closely with on site technologists and by collaborating with WGSN to get intelligence for the industry. Our designers carry out careful trend analysis for every stage of the product development life cycle.

Design and sampling procedures are key to our success, offerin

 Creative concept

 Detailed product proposal

 Design to your technical specification

 Trend spotting

 Garment sampling

2. Fabric development

Aesthetic, performance, consistency & price excellence

We source a large range of knitted fabric and develop to your technical brief and for own collections. We have our own technical team who closely monitor the production while testing at every stage of the process. Our target is to optimize values and ensure the required standards for colour, touch, appearance and quality are met

 High quality fabric development

 Expertise in sourcing, testing and auditing

 Cross costing 

3. Garment development & manufacturing 

Quality, consistency, expertise & control

In Erse, we have the expertise to develop innovative garments with high quality and balanced cost efficiency. Our designers continuously prepare new collections and can develop to your technical briefs or simply from a prototype.

Our sourcing teams test and approve and audit on all supplier factories. We constantly plan to optimize the capacity and develop new technics for garment fit and finishes. All the sampling, pre-production, fitting, costing and bulk production are optimized to meet your requirements. We offer cutting, screen printing and embroidery as well as latest trends in wet and dry processes.

We care about our customers and partners and pay full attention to client confidentiality and brand protection. Communicating transparently, we support our clients to meet fast delivery dates.

 Quality control

 Audit of contracted factories

 Printing, dyeing and finishing capabilities


 Timely dispatch

4. Merchandising & Logistics

Intelligent, Efficient & Fast

Our merchandising and procurement teams aim to achieve best values and flexible manufacturing and delivery. Our quality assurance process covers all the processes within the factory that contributes to the production of garments to meet your requirements. It starts from receiving materials, housing, manufacturing, finishing and packing process until shipment following AQL shipment release standards.

We organize and manage every process to ensure the delivery to our customers needs. The logistic department ensures pre release auditing, load and space optimization for reduced cost.

 Quick and adaptable capacity planning

 Consignments  prepared in detail

 Garments  packed on or off hangers

 FOB or CIF basis

 Efficient logistic system