By establishing close relationships with our customers and making continuous improvement a principle, we are a Turkish textile manufacturer that has surpassed 50 years of experience. Over time, we have managed to become an important supplier for large international brands. Technical development, quality, and our emphasis on innovation continue to guide our values.

Company Profile

Erse is ideally positioned to serve in different clothing sectors in the modern and rapidly changing international market. From our headquarters located in Istanbul, we provide proven expertise in women's wear, men's wear, and children's wear.


Quality Control and Inspection according to AQL Quality Level As Erse, we ensure full compliance with international quality standards with our certifications to gain the trust of our customers and provide them with high-quality products. All of our products are produced and inspected according to the highest quality controls and standards. To maintain these high-quality standards, we rigorously manage and monitor our suppliers and production processes. Our quality control teams check the quality of our products at every stage and conduct all necessary tests to ensure they meet the highest standards. We also have certifications that demonstrate that our products comply with international standards. These certifications help us guarantee that the products we offer to our customers are of high quality and reliable. At Erse, we are committed to providing our customers with products that meet high-quality standards. With our certifications and quality controls, we have become a reliable partner for our customers, who can always trust they will receive top-quality products.

Human Resources

As part of our commitment to our values, we appoint competent professionals to our high-quality human resources department. Our human resources team works intensively to understand the needs of our employees at every level and provide them with the best services. Our team includes experienced professionals who have worked successfully in human resources for many years and held positions at leading companies in the sector. Therefore, we adopt the best practices in recruitment, training, performance management, and career planning to add the most value to our employees and business. Additionally, our human resources team keeps themselves up-to-date with continuous education and development to stay relevant to the changing needs of our business. This way, we implement a human resources strategy that is constantly updated to ensure that our employees have the best experience from the recruitment process to every stage of our business. At Erse, we know that our people are our most important asset. With our human resources team, we work to shape the future of our business by responding to our employees' needs in the best possible way, adopting the best human resources practices.