Technical Development, Planning, Experience, and Fast Service

We collaborate with the most reliable facilities, fabric and accessory manufacturers to meet our customers' expectations and provide products that comply with superior quality standards. We meticulously manage these businesses to obtain the best possible result at low costs throughout the production process. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and therefore we work to support our customers at every step of the production process.


Our product design teams are renowned for creating creations and affordable pricing that match our customers' brand identity. In addition to having a broad industry and market knowledge, our designers also work with WGSN in collaboration with our technology experts to keep up with the latest industry intelligence. Our designers work carefully on trend analysis at every stage of the product development process.


We develop our products and collections by providing a wide range of knitted fabric products that are compatible with your technical information. We meticulously test and closely monitor every stage of the production process. Our goal is to increase the value of the product and meet the desired color, texture, appearance, and quality standards.


Erse specializes in developing quality and cost-effective innovative clothing. Our designers continuously prepare new collections based on our customers' prototypes or technical information. In addition, our procurement team constantly inspects factories and ensures that our suppliers meet quality standards. We are working to optimize our capacity and develop new sewing techniques. All sample works are optimized according to our customers' requests and supported by many techniques such as cutting, printing, embroidery, etc. We act with great care in terms of customer confidentiality and protecting brands and take pride in serving our customers with transparent communication and fast delivery approach.


Our commercial and procurement teams collaborate to offer our customers competitive pricing, flexible manufacturing, and delivery services. Our quality assurance covers all production stages in the factories where clothing is produced and includes acceptance controls for materials, manufacturing, packaging, and AQL shipment standards. We carefully manage every stage of delivery according to our customers' needs, and our logistics department develops solutions to optimize loading by conducting pre-inspection.